Kyslynsky’s statement accusing Tymoshenko discredits Ukrainian powers

14:12, 19 August 2008
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This is the result of an experts opinion survey

The statement of deputy Ukrainian President’s Chief of Staff Andriy Kyslynskiy who accused Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko of ties with the Russian leadership, discredits the Ukrainian power.

This was the result of a survey of experts opinion carried out by Gorshenin Institute, and forwarded to UNIAN.

In particular, Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defense lawmaker Taras Stetskiv called this statement a nonsense. “I assess this statement as a nonsense, absurd, and as discrediting the President, the democratic coalition, and the Ukrainian power as a whole – in the eyes of the Ukrainian nation, as well as at the international level”, T.Stetskiv.

The lawmaker believes that should there be any grounds for such accusations, they should have ask the question to the Prime Minister, and to receive public answers from her, without making allegations.

He also stressed that it is necessary to base on facts. “In such a way, they could accuse anyone of a Zionist plot, or of an anti-Semite plot, or of any African plot. It’s just not serious”, T.Stetskiv claimed.

In his turn, Socioizmereniye Center president Serhiy Taran believes that such statements from the President’s office indicate the beginning of the electoral campaign. “We should look for facts, first of all. We may make conclusions after all these facts are given. In fact, this may be assessed as the beginning of the electoral presidential campaign”, S.Taran claimed.

Party of Regions lawmaker Mykhaylo Papiyev believes that before calling this statement grounded or not, it is necessary to get an unbiased analysis of documents. “If the matter concerns, for instance, a protocol, it is necessary that the sides who signed it confirm its existence. Then we may make any legal statements. If the Presidential Secretariat makes such statements, I, being a law-abiding person, may surmise that they have some legal documents. I do not have any such documents, so I cannot draw any conclusions”, the lawmaker stressed.

Kost Bondarenko, political scientist and director of the Kyiv Institute named after Gorshenin, called deputy President’s Chief of Staff A.Kyslynskiy a “dreamer”, and suggested that the official should write books.

As UNIAN reported earlier, on August 18, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko`s office on Monday accused Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, his "Orange Revolution" ally, of betraying national interests by not backing Georgia in its conflict with Russia. Yushchenko`s deputy chief of staff accused Tymoshenko of remaining silent to secure Moscow`s support during presidential elections in 2010.

"Russia`s leaders are seriously considering supporting Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko in the presidential campaign once she ... fulfils the condition of adopting a passive position in the conflict with Georgia," Andriy Kyslynsky said in a comment on the presidential Web site.

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