Expert: "Right-wingers in Sweden, Netherlands, France will want to follow Brexit, but won't succeed"

09:00, 30 June 2016
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Ukraine's foreign policy expert Oleksandr Hara, the director of the department of the multilateral relations of NGO Maidan of foreign affairs, sat down with Ukraine Today to talk about Brexit and its global impact.

Some Russian officials are praising the referendum, describing it as a "victory for the British in their struggle against America" and Mr. Hara is not surprised with their reaction, Ukraine Today reports. 

He says Russians are so happy, because "in their view, they cannot regain their geopolitical way without dismantling the EU."

Read alsoNew EU policy document calls Russia "strategic challenge""That's why Russians are supporting the left-wing people in Europe, so-called "useful idiots," who fight against "the last empire in the world," the U.S., and thus see Russia as their ally. And the right-wingers, who want more sovereignty. We'll see a rise of the right-wing parties, who will want to follow Brexit, but I'm not sure they will be so successful," the expert tells.

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