The Presidential Secretariat blames Russia for its attempts to stir up activities of anti-Ukrainian forces in Ukraine.

This is said in the comments of President’s deputy chief of staff Andriy Kyslynskiy, publicized by the President’s press-office.

A.Kyslynskiy noted that Russian political circles have been actively trying to revive the scales of interference into eleciton campaigns unmatched since the year  2004.

Видео дня

“Today Russian political circles are creating an organzational basis for a revenge of political forces and ideas that lost four years ago. The same took place in 2004, when a so-called Russian Club was operating in Ukraine and was a source of anti-Ukrainian statements. It also organized numerous provocations against presidential candidate Victor Yushchenko.

On September 4-6, they plan to hold a measure that is due to become a kind of defile of anti-Ukrainian figures and positions during September 4-6.

“Ukraine-Russia: Problem Pages of Common History” conference is being organized by a so-called Humanitarian Ukrainian-Russian Council, 2000 and Izvestiya newspapers, at the expense of a Russian Federation State Program of Assistance to Compatriots Abroad. There is no secret that this program is directly connected with the RF Foreign Reconnaissance Service”, A.Kyslynskiy claimed.

In line with  working documents of the conference, it is planned to discuss rather provocative topics: estimation of “hunger in USSR”, “revision of results of the World War II”, “problem issues of teaching common Ukrainian-Russian history in educational establishments”.

“Considering the systematic character of acitvities of the Russian circles supporting the “fifth column” in Ukraine, this conference is a challenge to all national-democratic forces”, A.Kyslynskiy claimed.