Kolesnykov demands to expel “clown and museum thief” Tabachnyk

14:16, 05 September 2008
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From Party of Regions

Borys Kolesnykov, deputy head of the Party of Regions, presses to expel lawmaker Dmytro Tabachnyk from the party. The politician said this in an interview with “Oglyadach”, commenting on the party’s decision to expel Raisa Bohatyryova.

“Being consistent, we should have begun not from Bohatyryova! Let’s raise the question of expelling this cheap clown Dmytro Tabachnyk”, Kolesnykov said.

The MP recalled a Severodonetsk session of the Party of Regions, when Dmytro Tabachnyk claimed that businessmen from southern east seek to agree with Yushchenko because money loves silence.

“Who tells this? An embezzler of state property, who has never created any business in his life? How can he judge at all? What does he know except for stealing books and paintings from poor Ukrainian museums?”, B.Kolesnyov said, adding: “We will insist on tough measures concerning Tabachnyk! This is not only my opinion, Rinat Akhmetov and all businessmen of the southern east, Party of Regions members, also share it”.

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