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The documents are available on the PGO website.

Larysa Sargan, Lutsenko's press secretary, on Monday posted on Facebook that "providing misleading information in the declaration of prosecutors' proper conduct will be a reason for disciplinary action or even dismissal from office or from the PGO." Lutsenko has already filled in his questionnaires, she added.

Read alsoUkrainian-born ex-prosecutor from U.S. to help Ukraine reform its prosecutionWhile filling in the documents, prosecutors need to confirm that their property was declared on time and that their expenditure corresponds to their income. They are also required to declare that that they have not committed any acts of corruption.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Ukraine's Justice Ministry in June registered an order by the prosecutor general endorsing a procedure to secretly examine the conduct of prosecutors. The purpose of this examination is to identify prosecutors who have provided false information in the questionnaire, and includes a report about their and their family members' incomes. Under the order, PGO prosecutors, regional and local prosecutors, and investigative prosecutors must submit this information.