Current political crisis advantageous for Yushchenko – Havrysh

13:37, 08 September 2008
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The President receives a resource for his rating?

Top deputy Security Chief of Ukraine Stepan Havrysh believes that the current political crisis in Ukraine is advantageous for President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, because, if BYuT and Party of Regions unite, he will receive a resource for his rating at the forthcoming presidential election.

S.Havryshsaid this in an interview with Ukrayinska Pravda.

He stressed that the stability and even a conditional consolidation of powers is extremely advantageous for Victor Yushchenko. “At the same time, I must admit, that this crisis suits the President. It allows him to finally determine his partners for the election in 2010, to determine ways, strategies, and tactics of struggle for the post of President”, he said.

S.Havrysh also forecasted that Victor Yushchenko will run for the post of President at the regular election. “He cannot stay aside. The two strongest political blocs have united against him, and this creates a resource of rating for Victor Yushchenko, which may abruptly change in his favor on the eve of the election”, S.Havrysh stressed.

Asked how the President, having only 5% of support, may receive at least 45%, S.Havrysh stressed that former President of Russia Boris Yeltsin also had 6% when he joined the electoral campaign in 1996. At the same time, the deputy Security Chief did not agree that then-time conditions in Russia were different. “We also have a state crisis, which may result in a complicated discussion for Ukraine”, S.Havrysh said.

In his opinion, Yulia Tymoshenko will also run for President. “I believe that all the steps she has been undertaking recently indicate that she made decision to run for President”, he said.

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