Interior Minister of Ukraine Yuri Lutsenko claims he does not want to be a hostage of revenge President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko and his former party ally David Zhvania. The politician said this in an exclusive interview with UNIAN.

“These people were so close in the period when I did not know about their personal and political life that I don’t want to be a hostage of offences and revenge of the two fellow sponsors, including the absurd idea of depriving David Zhvania of Ukrainian citizenship”, Lutsenko said.

The Minister outlined his stance: “I do remember that evening in Guta [President’s residence] in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, when Kyrylenko, me, and others were meeting with Mr. President to finally agree the OU-PSD lists. Obviously, he remembered quite good the role of Zhvania in supporting the Our Ukraine in 2002, the Orange Revolution in 2004, and the activities of democratic forces in 2006. Finally, Mr. Zhvania took part in all meetings in the Presidential Secretariat during preparing and carrying out the snap parliamentary poll of the year 2007. He was invited to take part in all important meetings.

That’s why when they told me about these tense relations that abruptly developed between the President and Zhvania, I immediately said: it’s up to them”.