The statement comes following Savchenko's controversial statements on the need to hold direct talks with the pro-Russian militants who have seized the areas of Donetsk and Luhansk region, in particular, the self-proclaimed "deputies" who earlier took part in a battle where she was taken hostage.

"I think we can create a kind of a deputy group, of three persons. Basically, we can talk as a deputy to a deputy, if one wants to find a compromise and resolve the situation peacefully," Plotnitskiy said, according to Ukraine Today.

The militant leader reportedly "gave instructions" to get in touch with Savchenko and pledged to ensure her security had she decided to come to Luhansk.

Read alsoUkrainian MP calls Savchenko ‘Putin's Trojan Horse'The first time Savchenko came up with the initiative of holding direct talks with Donbas militants was in early June, but Ukraine's SBU security service did not support the idea.

The Ukrainian military officer, formerly imprisoned in Russia, says the main aim of the would-be talks is to secure the release of all Ukrainian prisoners.