It is reported that there has been held a meeting of the Expert Council on state expertise in the sphere of technical protection of information. During the meeting, the Council reviewed the results of state expertise regarding the integrated information protection system developed for the Unified State Register of declarations of persons authorized to perform functions of the state or local governments.

The State Special Communications Service noted that after the NACP decision to carry out state expertise, the Service received materials required for the expertise and the code only on August 10. Moreover, on August 11 it was only granted a short-term two-hour access to the hardware of the Register without passwords being provided.

"All this has complicated considerably the carrying out of expertise. Even so, there has been revealed a significant number of inconsistencies between the information protection solutions that have been implemented and requirements of technical specifications on the development of the integrated information protection system. Also, the system has failed to ensure the safety of specific functions, in particular with regard to the identification and authentication of the declarant using BankID services," a statement reads.

"Considering the above, the Expert Council decided that the integrated information protection system does not meet the requirements of regulations on technical protection of information in the scope of functions specified in technical specifications on the development of the integrated information protection system, and refused to issue the certificate of conformity," the State Special Communications Service said.

The Service said it was a difficult decision made in full awareness of a possible public outcry against the background of false accusations against the State Special Communications Service.