"Technical staff of the State Special Connection Service will continue working today, but we [NACP] have not yet decided when to hold our meeting. In fact, we are getting ready to make a statement, but the e-declaration system will be launched in any case because, in accordance with law, the transitional provisions state that the point at issue is provision and disclosure of a declarant," she told TV Channel 112 Ukraine.

After the launch, the system will be fine-tuned to assure it is working properly, she added.

Read alsoState Special Communications Service denies certification for electronic declaration system"The electronic declaration will work in any case, I can guarantee 100%, because we haven't revoked the decision to enact the provision and disclosure system, and it will not be revoked. Whether in a test mode or not, the provision and disclosure system will work. We want to improve the system – we will work on it," she said, noting that there are no political concerns regarding the challenges related to the launch of the system. Rather, she added, they are technical.