Photo from UNIAN

"According to data provided by a special group tasked with investigating acts of organized crime committed by the group headed by Yanukovych, with regard to Klymenko and Kurchenko's activities ... losses incurred thereof are currently estimated at UAH 198 billion," Lutsenko said.

At this, he has informed that activities of only half of the companies controlled by Klymenko have been analyzed to date.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoliy Matios pledged that by September 1, the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office would transfer to court all the proceedings against Viktor Yanukovych's associates that face corruption charges.

"Currently, I cannot disclose a list of defendants in the case of Serhiy Kurchenko … By September 1, this list will grow by several times and believe me, we will see quite strange names on it," Matios said.

Earlier in August, Lutsenko promised new arrests in the case of Ukraine's former Revenue and Duties Minister.

In September 2015, Ukrainian prosecutors said they suspected Klymenko based on two criminal proceedings related to illegal VAT refunds in the period of 2012-2013, having inflicted losses of UAH 3 billion on the state, as well as the establishment of money-laundering companies.