Verkhovna Rada Speaker Arseniy Yatseniuk proposes to hear in parliament the information of Finance Minister Victor Pinzenyk, Minister of Economics Bohdan Danylyshyn, and Central Bank head Volodymyr Stelmakh, about the state budget-2009 and overcoming consequences of the world financial crisis.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, he claimed this in the chamber of parliament Tuesday.

Addressing parliamentary factions leaders, Arseniy Yatseniuk noted that, regardless of whether any coalition will be created, it is necessary to hear the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Economics, and the head, in particular, about the measures that will be undertaken by the government and the central bank to overcome the consequences of the world financial crisis.

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Arseniy Yatseniuk stressed that “this morning posted its biggest-ever one day point decline Monday, falling 777.68 points. Its a historical decline”, the Speaker emphasized.

“Those thinking that it will have no consequences for Ukraine make a serious mistake”, Arseniy Yatseniuk stressed, adding: “Ukraine already suffers from consequences of the world financial crisis”.