President gives MPs another day – Lytvyn

11:11, 08 October 2008
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Yushchenko agrees only to 227 signatures

President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko gave MPS another day to introduce amendments into the legislation on electoral process.

Lytvyn’s Bloc faction leader Volodymyr Lytvyn has disclosed this to an UNIAN correspondent commenting on the results of consultations at the Ukrainian President this morning.

V.Lytvyn pointed out that there is no doubt that a snap poll will be announced.

Speaking about the meeting with the President, V.Lytvyn disclosed he asked the President whether he would issue a decree on dissolving the parliament, if, for instance, the coalition appears today.

“His answer was as follows: I gave you 30 days, plus I waited for another 6 days, with no result. But if there are 227 signatures, not decisions of factions, but namely signatures of lawmakers, I will agree with that decision”, V.Lytvyn cited Yushchenko as saying.

At the same time, the faction leader stressed that everybody perfectly understands it is almost impossible to do that.

Speaking about when exactly the decree will be signed, V.Lytvyn noted: “The President said we have another day”.

He believes the President gave MPs this day to adopt at least several laws “to reduce the grounds for appealing against the snap poll results in courts”.

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