BYuT is talking over possible party lists. “I may state that there will not be any cardinal shifts in the top five”, BYuT MP Valeriy Pysarenko disclosed to journalists. According to preliminary information, the BYuT list will be headed, as usual, by Yulia Tymoshenko, Oleksander Turchynov, and Mykola Tomenko. The top five may also include People’s Self-Defense leader Yuri Lutsenko and People’s Movement of Ukraine head Borys Tarasyuk, Delo daily reported.

The People’s Self-Defense claimed that it quitted the pro-presidential bloc as early as on Tuesday. However, so far PSD leader Yuri Lutsenko has not revealed his plans. According to MP Hennadiy Moskal, the decision whether to include Yuri Lutsenko into the top five depends solely on Yulia Tymoshenko, Oleksander Turchynov, and Ivan Kyrylenko. BYuT, in its turn, does not deny that it has been holding talks with other political parties, which were divided in opinion with the President. “We are ready to form a united center of democratic force in Ukraine”, MP Valeriy Pysarenko claimed on Wednesday. According to him, if they reach agreements, serious shifts may take place in the top ten of the BYuT list.

Another advantageous candidacy for the Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko is Anatoliy Hrytsenko. He is also divided in opinion with the presidential team, and may attract additional votes to BYuT. “If Hrytsenko accepts the proposal from BYuT, he has far more chances to get into the top five than Tarasyuk”, said political scientist Yermolayev.