Address of President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko to Ukrainian nation

16:12, 09 October 2008
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The text of Yushchenko`s televised address of October 8

On 8 October 2008, Ukraine President Viktor Yushchenko dissolved the country`s parliament. In his short, seven-minute address carried live on all Ukrainian television stations, he called the parliament "undemocratic" and "populist":

Dear Ukrainian nation.

Dear fellow countrymen.

I will be speaking simply and openly.

On September 2, 2008 a new coalition of Block of Yulia Tymoshenko, Party of Regions and Communist Party was de-facto formed in the Ukrainian Parliament.

This coalition has been working hard for thirty days. It has formed leadership of the Parliament of Ukraine, it has been shaping daily agenda for the Ukrainian Parliament, it has adopted many laws, most of them, I am deeply assured, unconstitutional, non-Ukrainian and undemocratic, which fact forced me to veto many of them.

The events of September 2 and the decisions that were adopted in the Parliament undoubtedly made existence of the Democratic Coalition impossible. And on September 3 the breakup of the coalition was de-jure announced.

It is a fact. Undoubtedly this fact is much more complicated than it may appear.

We will have to come back many-many times to September 2, 2008 and to give a complete answer, so that each person understood, what has been happening then in the Parliament and behind the back of then functioning coalition.

On September 2, in essence, an attempt of deconstruction of Ukraine and of our values has begun.

Balance of powers. National security. Political course. Language. All these things became targets for special agreements.

The Democratic Coalition, I am assured, deeply assured, was destroyed by one thing – by human ambition. By the human ambition of a single person. By thirst for power, divergence of values, priority of personal interests over national interests.

The coalition agreement and coalition concords are destroyed, economic reforms are not conducted, election-aimed calculations transformed into social populism that yielded the highest inflation rates in Europe and deterioration of social standards – wages, retirement payments and many other social programs.

In times of presence of external dangers, non-Ukrainian scenarios, spineless and hostile in essence, were set going.

We also see another dangerous tendency brought from the outside: the impingement on unity among national-democratic forces. It is a nail that is wittingly hammered into our body.

Block of Yulia Tymoshenko itself has become hostage to its leaders. Because they are ready to sacrifice everything: language, security, our European perspective.

I sincerely want you to understand me correctly.

The problem is not in political forces’ configuration.

The problem is in the decisions that present threat to Ukraine.

In that is the moment of truth.

The Constitution provided thirty days for forming a coalition. Using my constitutional right I have extended the time with five more days.

I am ready to accept any legal coalition and its state decisions.

However, the picture is clear. The first ones having disrupted the Democratic Coalition pretend to be holy innocence. The others say that they are mediators, who wait for some incomprehensible signals. The thirds are searching for their political or personal benefits in troubled waters.

As for October 8, 2008 I did not receive any signal from any political force on forming a coalition of majority or the agreement that was signed by more than 225 state deputies of Ukraine.

Thus, when parliamentary forces came to the dead end in their work, the Ukrainian nation is to say its word.

In accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine I announce discontinuance of functioning of the Verkhovna Rada of sixth convocation and holding pre-term parliamentary election.

The vote will be conducted democratically and in accordance with the law.

We were tried to turn backwards.

Just as one year ago, I now stand up for protection of our perspective. I appeal to all the voters in Ukraine, all the thinking people in Ukraine, all the Ukrainian citizens and all the patriots to be active.

The decision is undoubtedly up to you. The supreme responsibility in this state is yours, because you bring Ukrainian politicians to power. Decide carefully.

On this decision depends perspective before Ukraine.

Source: President`s press-office

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