Party of Regions works for Yushchenko – Chornovil

18:11, 10 October 2008
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"Lyovochkin has practically monopolized Victor Yushchenko"

Member of parliament Taras Chornovil, who recently quitted the Party of Regions, claims that the party works for President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko today.

He said this in an interview with “Focus” magazine.

“As of today, the Party of Regions works for Bankova and the President”, he claimed.

According to T.Chornovil, it is connected with certain business-interests.

“I’m almost sure that these interests are not of Akhmetov. He is person of systematic business, which needs stability in the country. I would not blame him for the developments. It was the influence of other groups working in the direction of RosUkrEnergo”, the MP said.

T.Chornovil also informed that R.Akhmetov has not financed the Party of Regions recently.

He also called “an absolute nonsense” the rumors about division of the Party of Regions into two groups. “There is no such notion as “Akhmetov’s group”. For instance, Borys Kolesnikov is not a member of his group. He is a leader of a separate group which is not less powerful than that of Akhmetov. Raisa Bohatyryova, who is associated with Akhmetov in mass media, is not a member of his group as well. She created her own sphere of influence”, T.Chornovil said.

According to him, Akhmetov’s group includes nearly 10 people. The group of Borys Kolesnikov is bigger. However, the talks with Yushchenko were initiated by yet another group in the Party of Regions – RosUkrEnergo [the gas transiting company, against which Yulia Tymoshenko fought]. These people are close to Dmytro Firtash. According to T.Chornovil, this group includes ex-Minister for Fuel and Energy Yuri Boyko, MP Serhiy Lyovochkin, and others, Т.Chornovil said, adding that S.Lyovochkin has practically monopolized “Victor Yushchenko”.

In the opinion of T.Chornovil, Yuri Yekhanurov may be appointed as a new Prime Minister, because it will be a neutral variant. “A representative of the Party of Regions may also occupy this post, though I have doubts about that. Probably, Bohatyryova”, he said.

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