The snap parliamentary poll must take place in Ukraine as soon as possible, Party of Regions leader Victor Yanukovych believes.

According to the Party of Regions’ press-service, Victor Yanukovych stressed that the party did not support the idea of carrying out a snap poll.

According to him, the political fighting at the highest levels of power “has amounted to a level that may provoke a serious conflict involving all citizens of our country”. He believes that the “top is busy now only with struggle for power chairs”.

Victor Yanukovych noted: “The chaos is ruling, and state mechanisms that should have provided stability in the society do no work”. According to him, this results in the growth of prices and worsening the people’s living level. “Force structures are already involved in the conflict”, he said. “This is a catastrophe”, Victor Yanukovych believes.

According to the Party of Regions leader, the only way to solve the crisis is to “turn to the nation”. He added that “people must come to ballot boxes and, in such a way, stop the current bacchanalia”. The Party of Regions leader stressed that, if it does not happen, the safety factor of the state power system will not be enough.

According to Victor Yanukovych, considering the current situation, “the election should take place”.