“There are no grounds to claim that the government of Ukraine is illegitimate – Yuri Klyuchkovskyi, people’s deputy, the Our Ukraine faction member has commented on today’s statements made by Yulia Tymoshenko, according to the Our Ukraine press-office. “Neither the Constitution, nor the government do not foresee the way out that Ms Tymoshenko would be happy to see. Therefore there is no sense to claim that Ukraine does not have a government”, he said.

      “The law Ms Tymoshenko refers to had been adopted before the constitutional changes have been introduced. Judging by all the articles, the law concerns the posts that are nominated by the cabinet and the president and not the parliament.

Видео дня

 – Mr. Klyuchkovskyi noted. – The president used to nominate ministers before. But the parliament nominates them now. And it is inappropriate to fix the term of 15 or even 25 days for the refusal from the mandate, when the breaks between the sessions of the Verkhovna Rada are so long”.

      “I agree that at the moment this law can’t be used in the full volume and that it is to be adapted to the new constitutional terms” – Yuri Klyuchkovskyi added.