Mykhaylo Tsurkan, deputy head of the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine and chairman of the Chamber for consideration of cases connected with electoral process, has been hospitalized with a heart attack.

According to the press-service of the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine, “this morning a group of BYuT lawmakers (around five people) entered the cabinet of M.Tsurkan, talked with him on a higher pitch of voice, without allowing him to leave the cabinet or use telephones”.

“Later they seized Tsurkan’s mobile telephones – both official and personal ones, and left the cabinet of the court deputy head. One lawmaker remained in tthe  room and continued to block the work of M.Tsurkan”, the press-service informs.

The reasons and motives of the lawmakers’ behavior are unknown for the press-service. After the visit of the lawmakers, M.Tsurkan was taken by ambulance to hospital.