President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko claims that a snap parliamentary poll will take place regardless of “tricks” of the Prime Minister and her political force.

According to the President`s press-office, Victor Yushchenko claimed this to a press conference in Zaporizhia.

The President expressed a belief that in the nearest future a decision on financing the electoral campaign will be found.

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Victor Yushchenko also pointed out that the blockade of courts’ work indicated that one of political forces has a significant influence upon the judicial system, and once again confirmed the necessity of its reforming. On the whole, the President assessed the activities of BYuT in parliament and courts as “political raids and crimes against democracy”. He pointed out that the only the Constitutional Court of Ukraine may consider suits on constitutionality of the decree on dissolving the Verkhovna Rada. ‘But none of them turned to the Constitutional Court because they the answer they will get”, the President said.