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"To my mind, the most efficient way would be to create a mechanism under the aegis of the UN Security Council to bring the perpetrators to justice," the president said at a National Security and Defense Council meeting on the defense budget.

Strong support from the international community, as well as cooperation with all countries involved in the matter are essential for successful completion of the investigation, he said..

Read alsoMH17 investigation team confirms: Buk missile brought in from Russia - mediaHe also said he was hopeful that not only those who committed this crime, but also those who gave the order would be named.

The president thanked the Joint Investigation Team for "independent and objective step-by-step determination of all circumstances and all guilty of this terrible tragedy." Ukrainian experts also take part in the JIT's work as well, he said.

The president instructed Ukraine's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the SBU Security Service of Ukraine, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Justice to continue coordination of efforts for the JIT to present the final results of the investigation with surnames as soon as possible. Then, it will follow by coordinated action with the involvement of national courts. Simultaneously, it is also necessary to continue actions on bringing the perpetrators to justice in international courts, he said.