President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko claims that the proposal of Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko to form a broad coalition in the face of the global financial crisis is untimely.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, President’s Press Secretary Iryna Vannikova claimed this to a press conference on Monday.

According to her, considering the global economic instability, the President believes that the Council for National Security and Defense is the key coordinating body, which must form prompt and high-quality answers to challenges of the crisis.

“In his opinion, the Prime Minister’s initiative on creating the so-called broad coalition is untimely considering the current conditions. The President believes that such artificial formations would yield to the National Security and Defense Council in the sphere of legitimacy, mobility, and professional level”, I.Vannikova said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko urged rival political forces Sunday to unite in the face of the global financial crisis and abandon plans for early parliamentary elections, AP reported.

Tymoshenko, who is battling to keep her job and torpedo President Viktor Yushchenko`s plan for new elections in early December, called on parliamentary factions to create a broad governing coalition and a new Cabinet.

In a televised appeal, Tymoshenko warned that the third parliamentary election in as many years would "destroy the country" and said its leaders must cast their differences aside and rescue the economy.

The global financial crisis "is already knocking on our doors, but we can refuse to open the door," Tymoshenko said.

She said a new government based on a broad parliamentary coalition should work to keep the country from economic disaster until the threat has passed. "And after that you can have any elections you like," she said.