The Party of Regions assesses Prime Minister Tymoshenko’s calls to unity as attempts to shift responsibility for bankruptcy of the country.

A respective statement was forwarded from the Party of Regions to UNIAN.

The document reads that “as early as in July, the Party of Regions submitted to the Yulia Tymoshenko’s government a plan to solve the crisis in the country, which traces were already noticeable”.

“The oppositional government demanded that Tymoshenko stop her populist policy, as it could cause bankruptcy of the economics”, the statement reads, adding: “We insisted that the government urgently undertake measures to create a stabilizing fund and protect citizens from the challenges”.

“However, Yulia Tymoshenko not only did not respond to the opposition’s demands. Moreover, Yulia Tymoshenko has constantly lulled the society with her statements that our “economics is in an absolutely perfect condition”, and that “our pensions and salaries increase, the production is growing, and the inflation was overcome”.

“To shift the responsibility for the country’s bankruptcy , caused by the populist policy – this is the main and only aim of Tymoshenko’s calls to unite”, the statement said.