Verkhovna Rada Speaker Arseniy Yatseniuk claimed he will not enter the Verkhovna Rada chamber until the parliament’s agenda is agreed, and the BYuT lawmakers lift the blockade of the rostrum.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, he claimed this in chamber of parliament.

Having entered the session hall after an interval, and seen the rostrum and presidium blocked by BYuT lawmakers, Arseniy Yatseniuk noted: “They have already done a lot of work, as usual”. According to him, blocking the parliament’s rostrum is not any new thing in the Verkhovna Rada work.

The Speaker stressed that the lawmakers, having blocked the work of parliament,  disgraced themselves again.

“You think that such actions will support your electoral ratings, but they will only downgrade them”, Arseniy Yatseniuk said.

According to the Verkhovna Rada Speaker, parliament members, instead of increasing to 150 thousand hryvnias the amounts paid to depositors from the Fund of Securing Natural Persons` Deposits, merely showed people a fig of three fingers.

“Until they agree the today`s agenda, and until they stop blocking the rostrum, I will not enter this chamber”, Victor Yanukovych said.

At present, MPs are staying in chamber, but the plenary session is not held. The BYuT faction keeps on blocking the parliamentary rostrum, presidium, and government’s box.