Communist Party leader Petro Symonenko calls on to suspend laws connected with WTO, and emphasizes the need to create a Single Economic Space (SES) [with Russia].

He said this at a meeting with Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and faction leaders in Verkhovna Rada on Monday.

He called on the government to urgently develop process of negotiations on energy supplies with the Russian Federation. He also asked to hold talks on forming the Single Economic Space with Russia and other CIS countries, which, in his opinion, will help defend the Ukrainian commodity producer.

P.Symonenko is confident “it is necessary to immediately suspend the laws, connected with WTO, which may destroy our economics”.

He emphasized that “our ideologies differ, but we have a common trouble today – the Ukrainian nation is suffering”. He pointed out that the crime rate will grow under the current conditions, and a number of radical forces will look for “another chief with small moustache”, which may  cause a serious situation in Ukraine.