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"Such European institution as PACE is about to start working after the fashion of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. And it's not a joke," he wrote on Facebook on Thursday, October 6.

Read alsoPACE report: "War" in Ukraine, not "conflict"According to him, it is the first time when the PACE rules can be amended in the interests of one member state rather than in the interests of the whole organization.

"This approach has caused resentment among all the colleagues I've recently spoken with, though, the army of supporters is large. Many Kremlin allies will reveal their true identity at this session. The Ukrainian delegation will be fighting against this, as such actions completely degrade the organization and undermine confidence in it," Ariev said.

PACE in April 2014 barred Russian delegates from participating in the work of its Bureau, the Presidential Committee and the Standing Committee.

Russia did not renew its credentials before the PACE 2016 winter session and put forth conditions for its return, insisting on the full restoration of its delegates' voting rights.