The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine lacks votes to adopt the package of anti-crisis measures proposed by the government.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, Verkhovna Rada Speaker Mykola Tomenko has disclosed this to journalists today.

“Basing on our talks at the conciliatory council’s session, I understood that only 185 MPs are ready to vote for the plan of measures proposed by the government”, M.Tomenko said.

According to him, those are MPs of the BYuT faction and some MPs of OU-PSD.

At the same time, M.Tomenko pointed out that the Lytvyn’s Bloc is also ready to support some measures from the plan, but they refuse to vote for it as a whole. M.Tomenko proposes to begin the plenary session at 16.00 Thursday namely with consideration of the anti-crisis measures, and to adopt the respective draft laws in the first reading. At the same time, he said, if the plan of anti-crisis measures does not receive 226 votes, BYuT will be ready to consider an alternative plan proposed by the opposition government [headed by Party of Regions’ leader Victor Yanukovych].