The letter was published on the official website of the Charity Fund "Ukraine-Slovakia-SOS."

Among other problems, the volunteers indicate the lack of reaction by the Ukrainian diplomatic corps on the anti-Ukrainian forces activity in the Slovak Republic.

"On May 8, 2016, we saw how the official delegation of Ukrainian diplomats passed by the Memorial Cross (established by the Ukrainian delegation at the mass grave of soldiers killed during the liberation of Bratislava from the Nazis) and put a wreath in the colors of Ukrainian national flag to the Soviet stele with a portrait of "Motorola" and the inscription of the "heroes of Novorossiya" under the portrait which was left by the Night Wolves on the eve of the event. They laid a wreath at the portrait of "Motorola" and went away. No one showed outrage or removed that shame that had been laid on the bones of our ancestors," the letter says.

Read alsoTASS: Poland annuls entry visas to Night Wolves bikers on pilgrimage to GreeceThe letter notes that the so-called "Honorary Consulate of Novorossiya" has been actively working in Slovakia since October 2014, its representatives regularly visit the uncontrolled territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. In addition, the "Honorary Consul of Novorossiya" is a welcome guest at the Russian embassy and still receives honorary awards there.

In this regard, the volunteers voiced a number of questions to diplomats:

- Does the Embassy of Ukraine have its own official position on the existence of the Honorary Consulate of the Embassy of Novorossiya in Slovakia?

- How did they express disapproval, outrage over the disrespect of memory of the numerous victims of military operations, ongoing in the East of Ukraine?

- Would the representatives of the diplomatic mission like to meet with a large group of Ukrainians from Donetsk and Luhansk regions to learn about what is happening in their houses, who is, "Motorola", and who respects him?

- Does the embassy have a plan and timing of restoration of monuments in Bratisava and has it appoinnted an official to be responsible for that?