This transitional status is granted for a year. Its goals are to deepen cooperation and fulfil all the necessary requirements to receive full membership in the organization, the National Guard has reported.

Read alsoItalian Carabinieri begin training Ukrainian National Guard officers"I take this opportunity to thank all FIEP members for their support in joining the National Guard of Ukraine the Association as an observer. The recognition of our structure by this powerful European organization is extremely important for the National Guard and Ukraine as we are heading towards the EU membership," Lt. Gen. Yuriy Allerov, National Guard commander, said during his speech at the summit.

The FIEP is an association of national gendarmeries or affiliated corps, encompassing the European and Mediterranean Gendarmeries and Police Forces with Military Status. Its goal (which started with the corps of France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal) is to broaden and improve interaction, to promote innovative methods of police cooperation, and to value its model of organization and structures abroad. The FIEP wants to be recognized by the European authorities as a forum and a structure of separate police cooperation, capable of leading concrete actions.