Six political forces would enter the parliament if the election took place in the nearest Sunday.

These are results of a poll carried out by the National Institute of Strategic Research publicized at a press conference in UNIAN on Thursday.

According to the results of the poll, some 21.2% of those polled would vote for the Party of Regions, some 20.7% - for the Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko, some 6.9% - for Lytvyn’s Bloc, some 6.7% - for Our Ukraine. A probable political force headed by Arseniy Yatseniuk would receive some 5.4%, and the Communist Party would receive some 4.6% of votes.

All the other political forces would receive less than 3% of votes.

Some 4.4% of those polled would vote against all, some 8.5% said they would not take part in the election, and some 10.6% could not answer the question.

The poll was carried out on October 20-24. 2013 respondents in all regions of Ukraine were polled. The error margin does not exceed 2.3%.