MP Ivan Pliushch in his interview to Obkom called the Ukrainian Prime Minister a “possessed woman”, and a “mainspring”. “You know, for all the 10 years that I’ve known her (in different  roles), she has been permanently working over herself. She does not allow herself to relax”, the politician stressed.

Asked what he would recommend the Prime Minister to read, Ivan Pliushch said: “Whether she wants it or not, she should read Marx and Lenin. If Yulia Volodymyrivna read “The Development of Capitalism in Russia”, the first work of Lenin that he was writing for ten years, since 1983, she would understand Lenin and she would understand the agricultural sector of Russia and the today’s specific weight of Ukraine. He wrote as follows: Russia is an agricultural country, and its future will depend on the way its agricultural sector develops. There is a large experience. It may be divided into two mainstreams – Prussian (collective) and American (farming). Of course, the second way is more efficient, but it does not work in Russia. Because it will give birth to an army of wealthy peasants. A wealthy peasant is a ground for appearing of a small bourgeoisie. And the small bourgeoisie will never comprehend ideas of the socialist revolution, That is why, Lenin writes, we will follow the Prussian way”.