The fact that the parliament turned down draft legislation to pay for the snap poll does not mean that the election will not take place. This is the result of a poll of political scientists and experts carried out by Center for Political Values Studies.

The center addressed political experts with a question: “Does the failure to pass legislation to pay for the snap poll mean that it will not take place?”

Political scientist Volodymyr Fesenko, head of Penta Center for Political Studies, said that the topic was not finished. According to him, in this or that way, the President still has an opportunity to “play the theme of dissolving the Verkhovna Rada”.

“If there is no coalition – there is a reason to dissolve Rada. How to solve the problem of financing the election? I think not only the President will think over that but also the Party of Regions, which is now the most interested in the snap poll. Only the first set has finished. The game goes on”, he said.

Political scientist Victor Nebozhenko, head of Ukrainian Barometer service, does not believe that the inefficient voting on the snap poll financing will mean the failure of the idea. V.Nebozhenko believes there are yet other variants to find financing for the electoral campaign. “It means only that a part of politicians, allies of Victor Yushchenko, are afraid that they will not get into the future lists. They are afraid that the election will result badly for them”, he said.

“By the highest standards, it was the victory of Yulia Tymoshenko, the only one who publicly opposed to the election. It’s difficult to say that somebody was defeated, because I can’t understand the Party of Regions, which wanted the snap poll very much, and which would really benefit from the election. But I can understand lawmakers from Our Ukraine, who suspect that some 70% of them will not penetrate into the next electoral list. Objectively, this round was won by Tymoshenko”, he said.

Mykhaylo Pohrebynskiy, director of the center for political studies and conflictology claimed that the failure of voting means that the snap poll will not take place in December. “We can be sure about that. As for the future, a snap poll in January or even in spring does not look probable as well. The forecasts are not so unambiguous as one-two weeks ago”, the political scientist said.