"When will the elections [in Donbas] be held? There are two positions: first - security provisions shall be fulfilled, second – the [Ukrainian] parliament shall vote for it [the law on elections in certain regions of Donetsk and Luhansk regions]," he said.

Read alsoPoroshenko says he urged Putin to "stop shooting" in Donbas"First, security conditions must be created, first the security part of the [Minsk] agreements needs to be fulfilled, ceasefire must first be ensured as well as the withdrawal [of weapons], the functioning of and the access for the OSCE, including to the [Ukrainian-Russian] border, technical inspection must first be ensured and the release of the hostages, many things… And only can the question be put forward on passing legislation on elections," said the president.

"First comes security component – then comes political component," said the Head of State.

Read alsoYeliseyev: Ukraine to gain access to border with Russia on second day after elections in Donbas"Are we afraid of free and democratic elections in Donbas? No, but we have to create conditions for these elections. By now, both Mrs. [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel and Mr. [German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter] Steinmeier, and the leaders of many EU states have said that conditions for the elections in Donbas have not been met, and this is how they support Ukraine’s position," Poroshenko added.