Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko told the Maidan program of the Ukrainian Channel 5 on Sunday that she was ready to accept any ‘reasonable’ proposals of President Viktor Yushchenko in order to restore the parliament coalition, Itar-Tass reported.

“I am ready to accept and support any reasonable proposals of the president in order to make progress as one team for the benefit of Ukraine,” she said.

Tymoshenko did not answer the question whether she could abandon her presidential ambition in 2010 in order to restore the Orange coalition.

She said though that she insisted on the restoration of the coalition and further activity of the Verkhovna Rada so that Ukraine could withstand negative effects of the world economic crisis.

Tymoshenko said she would not resign.

“Whenever such serious challenges to the country occur, the statesmen must stick to their positions and viewpoints. I do not care about popularity ratings. It is time to take unpopular measures, not to abandon this country,” she said.

Ukraine is ready for the world economic crisis and can withstand it, Tymoshenko said.

“Under certain circumstances, we are capable of minimizing effects of this crisis,” she said. “The government has amassed enough budgetary funds to face the meltdown.”

Meanwhile, the premier urged Ukrainian politicians to pool their efforts. “We must be united at this hard period rather then prepare for presidential and parliamentary elections. Our politicians should shake each other’s hands, but they keep quarreling. We must be one team an hour before the political execution [the early parliament election] and stand up against economic challenges despite the political crisis,” Tymoshenko said.