Clowns and talkers have come into Ukrainian politics – experts

13:42, 04 November 2008
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Experts assess new generation of Ukrainian politicians

Among the new generation of Ukrainian politicians there are many children of wealthy parents and professional talkers.

This opinion was expressed by Komentari weekly editor-in-chief Vadym Denysenko and UNIAN news agency editor-in-chief Oleksander Kharchenko at a press conference within frames of a joint project of Komentari and UNIAN on the study of new generation of the Ukrainian political beau monde.

“A regular political generation must replace the previous one in the nearest two years. And this process has already started”,  V.Denysenko noted.

At the same time, according to the expert, four generations of politicians have changed during the years of the Ukrainian independence.

Speaking about the urgency of the given topic, O.Kharchenko stressed: “It’s evident that people who rule the country and decide its destiny do not satisfy the country’s needs”.

“As of today, there are 108 lawmakers in the parliament younger than 40 years old. They may be considered young politicians. Comparing these data with parliaments of previous convocations, one may state that in parliament there have always been 20-25% of young lawmakers”, V.Denysenko said.

At the same time, he stressed that only the faction of the Lytvyn’s Bloc does not have any lawmakers younger than 40 years old.

Speaking about the main drawback of the young generation of Ukrainian politicians, the expert noted there are few economists among them but many lawyers and professional talkers.

In his turn, O.Kharchenko outlined roles played by young politicians under condition that the real power is concentrated in the hands of the older generation.

“They may become the party’s face, push the buttons, speak at different political shows and be public speakers, to voice thoughts that real leaders cannot voice by themselves”, O.Kharchenko stressed.

Summing up the results of the discussion, experts noted that probably the new generation of Ukrainian politicians is not worth than the previous ones, but “it is just different”.

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