Our Ukraine lawmaker Volodymyr Stretovych does not rule out a resignation of Interior Minister Yuri Lutsenko and Prosecutor General Oleksander Medvedko.

      He disclosed this in an interview to NTN television.

      “Being chairman of the VR committee for issues of law-enforcement activities, I’m concerned about their public quarrel”, V.Stretovych said.

      At the same time, he did not confirm the information that should Yuri Lutsenko and Oleksander Medvedko resign, the post of Interior Minister will be given to Vassyl Jarty, and the post of the Prosecutor General – either to Sviatoslav Piskun, or Hennadiy Vassyliev.

      As UNIAN reported earlier, on 6 September Yuri Lutsenko claimed that People’s Movement of Ukraine leader Viacheslav Chornovil was killed, and not died as a result of a traffic accident. The Minister stressed that the Prosecutor’s General Office must observe the law and inform public about additional facts, connected with the death of the political leader.

      However, on 8 September, Prosecutor General O.Medvedko claimed that the investigation continues and it is too early to say whether it was a traffic accident or a murder.