The Party of Regions calls on lawmakers to make up their mind whether there is any majority in the Verkhovna Rada.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, top deputy head of Party of Regions faction Oleksander Yefremov claimed this at a session of the parliament’s Conciliatory Council on Monday.

He stressed that lawmakers should make up their mind whether the political forces, which formed the government and must bear responsibility for the situation in the state, are in opposition, or they are a part of the coalition.

According to him, the parliament will not be able to work normally if this issue is not solved. O.Yefremov stressed that lawmakers must not face problems when they are trying to form a daily agenda. “If there is a majority – the Verkhovna Rada works as it should, if there is no majority – let’s think what to do”, O.Yefremov stressed.

Speaking about measures to overcome the economic crisis, O.Yefremov noted that the Party of Regions is extremely concerned about the reduction of local budgets financing. “Regions remained without any state support”, he noted. The MP called on to vote once again for the respective article of the anti-crisis legislation, because some lawmakers merely did not understood the matter, he said.