Deputy President’s Chief of Staff Andriy Kyslynskiy claims that any format of parliamentary coalition is acceptable as of today.

According to the President`s press-office, A.Kyslynskiy stressed that in the face of world financial crisis and considering the government’s inability to accept economic challenges, the issue of political crisis has removed to lower positions in the agenda.

“The President of Ukraine has clearly set priorities: all the efforts should be directed at overcoming the economic crisis. The issue of postponing the snap poll should be regarded only from this point of view. Unfortunately, since October 20, parliamentary forces have failed to adopt a complex of anti-crisis measures: two weeks of inactivity and only 1 day of efficient work”, A.Kyslynskiy stressed.

“As of today, there are still no traces of political invigoration, so the snap poll will take place as soon as the economic situation improves. At the same time, the positive outcome of voting on the President’s anti-crisis legislation in the Verkhovna Rada has indicated there are chances for political forces to unite in the face of the economic crisis. Today any format of parliamentary majority is acceptable – either a broad democratic coalition, or a coalition of 300 and more votes. Economic challenges demand high-quality and urgent anti-crisis decisions from parliament”, A.Kyslynskiy pointed out.

“The forces that supported the President’s anti-crisis legislation, namely BYuT, OU-PSD, and Lytvyn’s Bloc, may and must be regarded as partners on coalition. Will this coalition be able-to-life? Much depends on lessons of the past, beginning from a balanced coalition agreement, which must include program provisions of all partners – and finishing with unconditional fulfillment of obligations fixed in the coalition agreement”, the deputy President’s Chief of Staff claimed.