Photo from UNIAN

Respective presidential decree No. 500/2016 was posted on the president's official website.

What is more, Poroshenko signed decree No. 499/2016 to dismiss Saakashvili from the post of freelance adviser to the president.

As UNIAN reported earlier, Saakashvili on November 7 announced his resignation from the governor's post he was appointed to in May 2015.

While commenting on Saakashvili's resignation, Poroshenko said that after Saakashvili's party had lost in parliamentary elections in Georgia, the former Georgian president who was granted Ukrainian citizenship prior to his appointment as Odesa governor had decided to become a politician in Ukraine.

Read alsoGeorgians vote in second-round parliamentary electionsSaakashvili explained in turn he wanted to resign six months prior to that, and his decision had nothing to do with the political situation in Georgia. "President Poroshenko is well aware of the fact that I did not directly participate in the Georgian elections and I was unable to do that even if I wanted, as I'm a Ukrainian citizen." Saakashvili added that he considers himself to be a Ukrainian politician.