In an interview with reporters in Zbarazh (Ternopil oblast), Victor Yushchenko said it was still too early to negotiate the terms of an ‘orange’ coalition agreement, according to the President’s press-office.

“There is no doubt that all people are worried about the future of this coalition. I am also anxious but cannot give you answers today, for it is too early,” he said.

“This issue can be discussed after we find out what parties can theoretically unite and how many seats in parliament they have,” he added. 

The President said political forces were currently conducting no talks but added that the first initiative “was made a few months." He reiterated that all these talks had so far resulted in fights for positions.

“I am convinced it is totally unproductive and inappropriate to speak about positions first,” he said, adding that coalitions should be based on some “consolidating conceptual idea.”

Mr. Yushchenko opined that the cornerstone of any coalition should be Ukraine’s interests but not personal ambitions.

“Positions are secondary. What we need is to find `anchors` for the interests of democratic forces,” he said.