Photo from UNIAN

"It was pure provocation, orchestrated by the pro-Russian ambience in Poland. And I think more of such provocations are yet to come. Russia tries to antagonize the Poles and the Ukrainians, tries to divide us," the ambassador told, according to Ukraine Today.

Russia tries to destabilize both Ukraine and the EU, claimed Pieklo. He also stressed that Warsaw still keeps supporting sanctions against Russian over its war in Donbas and Crimea annexation unless the Minsk agreements are fulfilled.

Read alsoPolish police investigate Ukrainian flag-burningAs reported previously, the Ukrainian flag was burned on November 11 during the nationalistic march devoted to the 98th Independence Day of Poland. The unknown masked men who had burned the flag were later beaten up by the Polish nationalists. 

As the incident went public, the Ukrainian foreign ministry delivered a protest note to the Polish diplomatic department.