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According to the president, Ukraine’s implementation of its pro-European strategy is being hindered by the rise of the radical leftist and right-wing movements in Europe.

"The implementation of our pro-European strategy is also prevented by a powerful continental trend toward the strengthening of the left-wing and right-wing radical movements, whose joint efforts undermine the unity of Europe as such," the president said, adding that "had there been decided to create an international union of populist movements, Ukraine would have been able to delegate several of its own parliamentary forces and at least a baker's dozen of extra-parliamentary movements. Here’s where we are totally ‘in a trend’," said Poroshenko.

Read alsoPro-Kremlin tilt of Ukraine’s neighborsEarlier, Ukrainian MP Iryna Friz, Chairperson of state information systems subcommittee of the Rada’s National Security and Defense Committee, stated that the Russian Federation had been funding "extreme right-wing and marginalized parties across Europe" for further intervention in the policy of the European Union.

The data provided by European intelligence agencies confirming this statement were discussed Monday at an EU summit in Brussels.

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