Lawyer Andriy Fedur claims that the Verkhovna Rada must dismiss Oleksander Medvedkoo from the post of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

      According to an UNIAN correspondent, the lawyer claimed this in the Verkhovna Rada after hearing the information of the Prosecutor’s General office about the course of the investigation of the Gongadze case.

      A.Fedur stressed that under the current PGO the Gongadze case will never be investigated.

      In particular, A.Fedur accused O.Medvedko of telling lie about the stance of M.Melnychenko. The lawyer stated that M.Melnychenko agreed to bear witness on the Gongadze case. According to him, namely representatives of PGO were categorically opposed to involving M.Melnychenko in the investigation.

      The lawyers stressed that he asked the court, examining the Gongadze case, to interrogate M.Melnychenko and several other people, including President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, as witnesses.

      A.Fedur also noted that PGO has not compared as yet two biological samples, one of which was given by Lessia Gongadze. The lawyer expressed a belief that the Prosecutor’s General Office, headed by Medvedkoo, cannot investigate this case.