Leader of the eponymous bloc Volodymyr Lytvyn believes the best variant of coalition will be a broad coalition of the Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko and the Party of Regions.

“Basing on the country’s interests, it would be the best approach”, he said in an interview with Inter television on Sunday.

“However, due to political views of the two leaders, it’s hardly possible. Because it will be a common grave, where the process of their high ratings evening-out will take place”, V.Lytvyn noted.

The politician called on to stop all talks about a snap poll and to form a coalition in parliament.

He noted that Yulia Tymoshenko and Victor Yanukovych have being fighting for the government because “the post of Prime Minister is the best launch-pad for a presidential campaign, and the person who occupies this post is the most probable candidacy for the next President”.

“However, speaking about the necessity of tough adequate measures to resist the crisis… we should understand that the person who will occupy the Prime Minister’s post will burn herself to receive people’s gratitude in 5-10 years for the measures that will not win applause today and tomorrow”, V.Lytvyn stressed.

According to him, if politicians understood this condition they would quickly reach understanding.