Asked whether he would agree to a cross interrogation with Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Petro Poroshenko and other current high-ranking officials, involved in those events, Yanukovych: "Conventionally speaking, I would like to meet in the same format as it was at the negotiation table… with those who sat next to me at the time... so that we could also ask each other questions and look into each other’s eyes. This would be right. I wonder if it’s possible but it would be right," said Yanukovych.

Read alsoYanukovych’s testimony void, he was caught lying many times – prosecutorAs UNIAN reported earlier, ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych during an interrogation via a video conference said that he had not impeded Ukraine's European integration process, refusing to carry out a referendum.

Read alsoYanukovych on his escape from Ukraine: air traffic controllers threatened to scramble jets"I tried not to put brakes on the process of European integration but make it more effective, so that it moved faster instead. The very procedure of the referendum has not been worked out in Ukraine, it has not been started. And if I only hinted that I wanted to do a referendum, it would mean far worse things than we have done, suspending the process of European integration. We have not abandoned it... The referendum would mean the delay of the European integration process," said Yanukovych.