Russian politician proposed MP Hanna German a seat in Russian Duma

14:09, 25 November 2008
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"Russia will raise gas prices, and the Ukrainian industry will be wiped out..."

The economical crisis will shut down Ukraine’s industry and make the country a part of the Russian Federation. “Fair Russia” political party representative Alexei Mitrofanov claimed this in the direct air of Ukraine television. “The economical crisis will put everything into place. 16 billion is too little for Ukraine, Russia will raise gas prices, the Ukrainian industry will be wiped out, because metallurgy will not survive such a high gas price”, he said.

“As a result, we will unite. Because you will fall, we will fall a little too, and we will unite, it will be a single state”, New Region news agency cites A.Mitrofanov as saying.

“You will be a member of the Russian State Duma of the next convocation”, the Russian politician said to Ukrainian lawmaker Hanna German, who was present in the studio.

“There is no other way”, Mitrofanov said, adding: “America will not feed you. There will be no metallurgy. No mines. Economics will make all decisions itself”.

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