GeenPeil, the initial driver behind the campaign to collect signatures and force the vote, is launching its political wing on Monday, Dutch media said at the weekend, reported Monday.

The organization is advertising for volunteers on its website to raise funding and supporters, and is also looking for donations. The party will be led by writer Jan Dijkgraaf.

The party hopes to harness popular anger about the government’s failure so far to implement the outcome of the referendum when 63% of the people had voted said the Netherlands should not ratify the treaty.

Read alsoUkraine, the Netherlands working on compromise document for ratification of Association deal - mediaJan Roos, who was also one of campaigners behind the anti-Ukraine treaty referendum for shock blog GeenStijl, is also taking part in the March general election as the leader of splinter political party VNL (voor Nederland).

VNL was founded by two PVV parliamentarians who quit the party after Geert Wilders led supporters in an anti-Moroccan chant.

Read alsoDutch government seeks more time to solve Ukraine-EU treaty impasseThierry Baudet, a right-wing philosopher and eurosceptic, whose Forum voor Democratie also campaigned against the Ukraine treaty, has also said he will fight for a seat in parliament in the general election.