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"Half of MPs' electronic declarations have been processed. The NAPC has already been sent 53 files that require action in accordance with the Law of Ukraine on Prevention and Combating Corruption. One of them concerns late submission of a declaration, 28 have incomplete data, 11 violate the rules concerning secondary employment, and two are related to the violation of gift rules," head of the PGO's anti-corruption department Valentyna Senyk said at a briefing on Friday.

Read alsoUkraine urged to conduct validation of officials' e-declarationsSenyk also said that all of these 53 parliamentarians might be brought to administrative rather than criminal responsibility, since the difference between the declared property and actual available assets was less than the amount worth 250 minimum wages, and other violations found in the declarations are also subject to administrative liability.

She explained that the administrative punishment is a fine worth between UAH 850 to UAH 1,700, as well as confiscation of property. Furthermore, the violators who occupy elective positions may be removed from office for up to one year.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the first phase of filing electronic declarations for 2015 by Ukrainian high-ranking officials was completed on October 30, 2016. They declared UAH 30 billion worth of assets, almost half of which was in cash.

Also, among the declared assets were a large number of items of movable and immovable property, the estimated value of which is clearly higher than the official income earned in the public service.