"As soon as the danger to Viktor Yanukovych's life disappears, he will take part in all court hearings," Serdiuk said.

Read alsoYanukovych status in Russia clarifiedAs UNIAN reported earlier, on November 28, Svyatoshinsky District Court of Kyiv questioned Yanukovych as a witness in the case of five former Berkut troops, accused of the Maidan shootings in February 2014.

Later on the same day, Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko read out official accusations of high treason that were brought against Yanukovych in Ukraine.

Summonses for interrogation were posted on the PGO's official website. Yanukovych was invited to appear at 10:00 local time on December 5 and December 9 for an interview by the chief of the investigative department of the Main Military Prosecutor's Office under the PGO. Instead, his lawyers arrived in the PGO.