Pliushch has little chance to become Speaker – experts

13:06, 03 December 2008
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An experts opinion poll

MP Ivan Pliushch has little chance to become the Verkhovna Rada Speaker.

This is the result of an experts opinion poll carried out by “Aksia” Political Values Research Center after the OU-PSD faction had proposed I.Pliushch for the post of Verkhovna Rada Speaker on Monday.

In particular, Ukrainian Barometer sociological service head Victor Nebozhenko does not rule out that I.Pliushch may become a Speaker. At the same time, he stressed: “If Pliushch thinks he may head any coalition – he has not the ghost of a chance”.

Mykola Mykhalchenko, president of the Ukrainian Academy of Political Sciences, believes that I.Pliushch may be elected as the Speaker. “I believe I.Pliushch has a chance to become a Speaker, though it is very little. Because BYuT and Communists will vote against him. There is also information that a part of OU-PSD faction will not support I.Pliushch. If it’s true, his chances are very insignificant”, M.Mykhalchenko said.

Oleksiy Haran, director of the Political Analytics School at the Kyiv Mohyla Academy, is confident that I.Pliushch may become a Speaker only if Communists and the Lytvyn’s Bloc will support his candidacy. “Most probably, Victor Yushchenko agreed with the pro-presidential part of OU-PSD and a part of the Party of Regions to implement this scenario. There are political prerequisites for such agreements. However, this is not sufficient literally arithmetically. They need yet additional votes from the Lytvyn’s Bloc and Communists. BYuT claimed it won’t support the candidacy of Pliushch. Thus, this variant is rather hard to implement”, O.Haran noted.

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